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More than worrying, the phenomenon is growing more and more and becoming a headache.

On the occasion of the extraordinary session of the Communal Child Protection Committee, it was revealed that 26 minors were raped in the commune of Abomey-Calavi and only over a period of seven months. Despite awareness sessions and sanctions against rapists, the number of cases of rape of minors is growing.

In the commune of Abomey-Calavi, the phenomenon is taking on more significance.

In real time, 26 minors aged 4 to 16 were raped in the period from January to August 2021.

According to the statistics revealed by Hélèna Capo-Chichi, president of the NGO Family nutrition and development, from January 1 to July 30, 2021, the data produced by the center for social promotion of the municipality and the social service of the court show of 21 cases of rape of minors.

In addition, in the month of August alone, five new cases were added. So, in total, we have 26 girls aged 4 to 16 who were raped. There is something to worry about, everyone and especially the authorities at various levels. This is why, after this bad news, an extraordinary session was organized with the active participation of the Minister of Social Affairs and Microfinance, the Prefect of the Atlantic, the Mayor of Abomey-Calavi and the religious leaders.

From this meeting, several resolutions were taken. It was decided, among other things, to make communications adapted to children in all social circles to ensure that the message goes through without bias and even in local languages ​​if necessary.

Added to the decisions taken, from now on the cases of rape sanctioned by the court and the sentences imposed on the culprits will also be communicated in this sense and this regularly. The participants in this extraordinary session also decided to bring together the reporting centers and put in place all the mechanisms needed to protect the victims who come to report. Also, the care of victims after trial must henceforth be dealt with more in order to satisfy them. These are the decisions taken in favor of the victims.


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