A microfinance institution in Duékoué presents a “huge” deficit in terms of its financial health

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Duékoué- The Savings and Credit Cooperative (COOPEC) of Duékoué, meeting on Saturday April 23, 2022, in its 6th sector assembly, in a room of the Catholic Church of the Child Jesus, presented the financial situation of the 2021 financial year of the sector which shows a “huge” deficit but whose figure has not been communicated to the press.

According to the head of the COOPEC agency in Duékoué, Jonas Aka, this huge deficit was caused “by the non-reimbursed loans”. However, he showed great hope for the revitalization of the structure for the year 2022 with the “goodwill of employees and members.”

In the same framework, the Vice-president of the COOPEC of Duékoué, Bruno Dah, chairman of the meeting, underlined that “the balance sheet presented reveals that the equity has been degraded, it is therefore negative”. He pointed out that “the causes of the deterioration of our portfolio emanate from the insufficiency of savings and the difficulty of repayment and recovery of loans.”

The COOPEC of the Duékoué sector includes the agencies of Duékoué, Bangolo, Guiglo, Bloléquin and Touleupleu

Some 169 members out of 150 expected took part in this meeting, which took place in four sequences, namely, the financial situations of the Duékoué sector and of the Duékoué branch, which also shows a deficit balance sheet, the appointment of representatives to the ordinary general meeting, and the approval of the minutes of the sector meeting.

The ceremony ended with the designation of the representatives of the different socio-professional categories for the ordinary general meeting of Saturday April 30, 2022 and the unanimous approval of the minutes of the sector meeting of the COOPEC of Duékoué. .



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