Abdou Karim Fofana advocates a new market management model

Ziguinchor, Jan 30 (APS) – The Minister of Trade, Abdou Karim Fofana, recommended Monday in Ziguinchor (south) “a real introspection on the management of the markets” in Senegal, so that the country can adopt a new model operation of places of business guaranteeing more security.

“A market is management, it’s opening and closing hours. We need a new market management model in Senegal,” pleaded Mr. Fofana, also in charge of Consumption and Services. SME.

He had come to inquire about the progress of the works undertaken at the Tilène market in Ziguinchor, in the presence of Governor Guedj Diouf and Prefect Chérif Blondin Ndiaye.

The Minister of Microfinance and Social and Solidarity Economy, Victorine Ndèye, also took part in this visit, as well as the coordinator of the Market Modernization and Management Program (PROMOGEM), Yaye Fatou Diagne.

Tilène market officials also attended this visit by Minister Abdou Karim Fofana, also government spokesperson.

Mr. Fofana considers that “market management must come down to well-trained managers with skills assigned to them”.

“We are proud to see the very advanced state of the Tilène market. With PROMOGEM, we have made all the arrangements, giving ourselves the objective of finalizing the work before March 31, 2023, in two months”, said the Minister of Commerce, Consumer Affairs and SMEs.

But, he said, to open the Tilène market in Ziguinchor, “there are prerequisites, namely the signing of a market management agreement with the municipality of Ziguinchor and the implementation of security measures “.

“I call the traders around a table to set up this opening device after having respected the security prerequisites and all the administrative and technical procedures”, launched Abdou Karim Fofana.

“We must respect market security standards to secure state investments and the activity of traders,” insisted the minister.

“What is happening in Senegal is not normal. We need to have some introspection. In one month, we have experienced three market fires and two accidents of immeasurable size. We need real introspection on the management of the markets” , he said.

According to the Minister of Trade, it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that the country can have markets with facilities managed “with rigor”.

Abdou Karim Fofana recalled that the Tilène market in Ziguinchor, rehabilitated to the tune of one billion CFA francs, had suffered a fire in August 2018, which had caused 300 victims. Since that date, “the Head of State had given instructions for the construction of this market”, he said.


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