ADM and PROMISE sign a five-year lease for an innovative financing program.

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Concerned about the poverty rate of populations living in especially rural local authorities, the Municipal Development Agency (ADM) and the Islamic Microfinance Development Program in Senegal (PROMISE) have signed a five-year partnership this Wednesday, June 15, 2022. The objective of this partnership is to improve the resources or living conditions of the populations. However, these two entities have joined to support these vulnerable layers.

This meeting was beneficial for the two entities, each of which is committed to a win-win partnership because they share the same objectives. The financing problem is latent in certain localities of the country. A fact explained by the heaviness of the credits imposed by the other financial institutions that they are unable or difficult to honor. This is why the two new partners have entered into this contract to promote territorial development. This lease, which is rather promising, seems to be a point that will boost the living conditions of the needy. This innovative financing program is the new concept of the authorities to maximize financing, but also to make creditors’ payment credits even more flexible…


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