Air transport: towards a partnership between Afrijet and a microfinance institution to democratize ticket prices

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The problem of price inflation seems to affect not only everyday consumer products but also the service sector like that of air transport following an increase in various taxes and other fees. It is, moreover, with a view to dealing with these contingencies that the sector leader in Central Africa Afrijet should conclude a partnership with a microfinance establishment for the financing of plane tickets.

Indeed, during an interview granted to the daily L’Union, the managing director of Afrijet Marc Gaffajoli returned at length to the problem of the cost of the plane ticket which, according to consumers, would become exorbitant. A situation that the boss of the leader in the air transport sector in Central Africa has brushed aside.

And as proof, Afrijet’s CEO noted that the prices offered by his airline were below those of the domestic market ” Since January 1, 2022, more than 25,000 passengers, i.e. 1 passenger out of 3, have benefited from a fare of 49,900 FCFA including tax to Franceville and Port-Gentil. This price is close to that of the train and the boat “, he said.

Specifically concerning the finding of an increase in ticket prices, Marc Gaffajoli explained that the fixing of ticket prices depended on two aspects: the first part consisting of the carrier’s share, and the second consisting in particular of various taxes and fees. Thus, if the first has hardly evolved since 2019, the 2nd part has increased significantly.
Asked about the solutions to be implemented to boost the domestic air sector, the boss of Afrijet pleaded for a ” lower fees and taxes, in particular VAT without failing to announce strong measures by the company to further democratize ticket prices. ” In order to stimulate the market, we are soon going to launch in partnership with a microfinance organization an offer of financing of plane tickets “, he said.

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