Amicale Finance’s assets for sale to repay its creditors, called to make themselves known

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(Business in Cameroon) – The sale of the microfinance assets of 2and category (50 million FCFA of minimum capital, according to the requirements of the Banking Commission of Central Africa-Cobac before 2021: Editor’s note), Amicale Finance, in bankruptcy since 2017, is engaged.

Indeed, we learn from a press release published on 1er February by the microfinance liquidator, Barthélemy Mikaa, the Wouri High Court ordered the opening of the judicial liquidation of Amicale Finance SA. This means that the assets of the establishment, now unable to honor its debts, will be sold in order to be able to pay its debts to creditors.

Consequently, indicates Mr. Mikaa, all creditors (who have not yet done so) are required, under pain of foreclosure, to produce their claims within thirty days from the date of publication of the press release for those residing in Cameroon. This period is 60 days for those residing outside the country.

The provisional administrator also launches an appeal to debtors of microfinance. “In order to allow the Trustee to have the financial resources for the settlement of creditors, the persons who hold the funds of Amicale Finance SA, in any form whatsoever, are requested to pay their debts without delay.“, he says.

The bank liquidation, which consisted of gradually repaying creditors, was a failure. It is for this reason that the judicial liquidation stage was initiated in order to sell the microfinance assets and settle the creditors.


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