APEFAZ supports a dozen women through microfinance in an increasingly difficult context

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The Association pour la Parole et la formation à Zabré (APEFAZ) works in this town in Burkina Faso to respond to immediate needs in the face of a deteriorating situation between the high cost of living, corruption, the threat of terrorism and effects of climate change. The president of the association tells us more about their actions.

A climate of generalized corruption, in a gold-bearing area where the cost of living is higher than in the capital, under the permanent psychosis of jihadist attacks, how can we forget these mothers who brave these constraints to feed the family, even educate and care for the children ?

The effects of climate change lengthen this list, depriving some farmers in the north of arable land. The combination of these difficulties has led to an internal migration estimated to date at two million “displaced” people and an uncontrolled settlement of certain areas in the south of the country.

This results in several sources of tension:

  • around non-expandable cultivable land to meet migrant demand
  • the supply of cereals lower than the demand blazes the prices and precarious the “peasant middle class”.
  • in education, the number of children per class becomes untenable for public teachers. Education is becoming commercialized: private establishments are multiplying and some without a real look at the application of programs and the competence of teaching teams.

In this tense context, APEFAZ supports a dozen women in Zabré through microfinance.

Our objective is to respond to concrete problems as well as immediate needs: the women we support (to the tune of €76.27, or 50,000 CFA) each, practice small local businesses. This contribution will serve as working capital.

We were saddened to oppose many applicants, proof that this action meets a real need. Painful to pierce an abscess when you’ve run out of bandages!

Theophile GoubaPresident of the association APEFAZ member of ASAH

APEFAZ is a member of the ASAH collective.

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