“At a time…, when we forget that Senegal is and must remain above All, it is important to appeal to mothers…” (Victorine Anquediche Ndeye).

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The Minister of Microfinance and Social and Solidarity Economy took part today in Kaolack, in the triennial general assembly of the coordination of the diocesan unions of Catholic Women’s Associations of Senegal. Victorine Anquediche Ndeye, in her speech, expressed her feelings as a woman, a Christian who has chosen to go into politics. “…I feel the charge and the responsibility entrusted to me, by His Excellency the President of the Republic, Macky Sall, to be at the exclusive service of our fellow citizens. May God guide each of my steps. You understand the feelings that animate me in being here by your side and having to speak at this moment, therefore, I can only favor the expression of the heart to share with you the loneliness that I can often feel in the path borrowed.

I am a Woman, Christian, mayor of a commune and Minister of the Republic. I face adversity in defending my positions and the principles in which I believe. I was attacked by my community, slandered and insulted….I was a victim of my choice, that of entering politics. I assumed it and I will assume it again, because I have faith in my commitment and I believe I am in the right.

However, I will remain a Christian, the one who will never say an unfortunate or discourteous word to my neighbour, the one who will work constantly to improve the daily lives of our fellow citizens, the one who will assume in the truth, but above all the one who will be committed for his camp, his commune and his homeland. Of course, I can feel this loneliness, but I know that I will never walk alone, because I have made the Lord my shepherd!” Facing the members of Catholic women’s associations in Senegal, the Minister of Microfinance and the Economy solidarity to point out the evils that plague our society by delivering this message to mothers. “My dear sisters, if I wanted to share these words from the heart with you, it is because we all have a responsibility before the future that challenges us. At a time when the “live” collects more and more faithful who move away from biblical teachings, when insanity brings notoriety, when we forget that Senegal is and must remain above all, it is important to call on the mothers that we are to watch over the bewildered and disillusioned herd. I will be a devoted faithful, who will be at your side in the noble undertakings that the Coordination of Diocesan Unions of Catholic Women’s Associations of Senegal will carry out.

Before concluding: “To conclude, I wish you excellent work and recommend that you carry forever in the priesthood the return to the faith of our children who, in these troubled times that our society is going through, are manipulated by wolves while the divine word is sweet and full of truth. May God bless you and bless Senegal, our beautiful country!” To recall that the opening ceremony of the triennial general assembly of the coordination of diocesan unions of Catholic Women’s Associations of Senegal which is currently being held in Kaolack, recorded the presence of the Bishop of Kaolack, Monsignor Tine…


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