Attijariwafa bank signs with Al Amana Microfinance

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As part of strengthening access to financial services and financing for very small businesses and project leaders, Attijariwafa bank and Al Amana Microfinance are announcing an innovative financing mechanism for these operators.

Attijariwafa bank and Al Amana Microfinance are joining forces through an innovative financing mechanism for these operators. The two parties have, in fact, concluded a partnership agreement on May 26th. Signed by Mohamed El Kettani, CEO of a common ambition to support the dynamic growth of the entrepreneurial fabric. This vision will result in the proposal of a panoply of microfinance solutions for investment and cash flow needs, with a view to supporting the development of VSEs, auto-entrepreneurs and project leaders.

In addition, explains the Attijariwafa bank group in a press release, “this partnership is part of a vision of contributing to the strengthening of financial inclusion which is emerging as one of the national priorities and which is already mobilizing all parties stakeholders with a view to promoting, supporting and accompanying entrepreneurship in all its forms”.

As such, the main lever of this common approach consists in promoting access to financing for the greatest number of project leaders, auto-entrepreneurs and small businesses, with a view to enabling them to engage in entrepreneurship or develop their activity in the best conditions. Finally, it is assured that Attijariwafa bank and Al Amana Microfinance “will spare no effort and will deploy all the synergies that will make this partnership a real long-term success”.

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