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Returning from their three missions carried out in N’djamena, Chad, in the context of the dispute between them and CEMAC and COBAC, the officials of the Congress of Public, Parapublic and Private State Agents (Cappe) announce that they will submit their report this week to the President of the Republic so that he can decide definitively on the so-called BR Sarl case named after the microfinance institution from which savers are claiming more than 32 billion FCFA after its bankruptcy in 2015 .

Emmanuel Mve Mba, president of Cappe, on June 11, 2022, in Libreville. © Gabonreview/Screenshot

The Citizen Movement of Liberties Volunteers (MCVL) led by Emmanuel Mve Mba organized on Saturday June 11 in Libreville a restitution session of the hearing held on May 26 in N’djamena, Chad. A hearing relating to the case between Cappe and Cemac and Cobac for several years. The organization holds these two institutions responsible for the loss of more than 32 billion FCFA belonging to the 18,000 former savers of the microcredit institution that went bankrupt in 2015 before escaping from Gabon.

Lambert Ndong, the general rapporteur of the Chad mission. © Gabonreview/Screenshot

After three trips to N’djamena, Cappe officials believe things are on track, with the last mission carried out last May. In the Chadian capital, in fact, “for the first mission, it was a question of officially introducing the file and filing the request of Cappe against Cemac and Cobac. The second mission was to pursue the legal proceedings that we had to follow. Finally, the third mission consisted of going to take part in the hearing of the deliberation of the case.explains Lambert Ndong, the general rapporteur of the Chad mission.

The report of these various missions should be submitted to Ali Bongo this week, announced for his part Emmanuel Mve Mba the past weekend. “As Head of State, he has all the prerogatives. Even if we have taken the file to the deliberations, it is our duty to go to him, to report to him on the whole process.“, justified the leader of Cappe.

The CEMAC community court of justice where the hearing was held on May 26 should deliver its final verdict at the end of October 2022. In the meantime, Emmanuel Mve Mba calls on Ali Bongo to take strong measures. “We are asking the Head of State to send Cobac out of Gabon. We count on his commitment to his people who are suffering today.»

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