Burglary of a microcredit agency in N’Dali: a security guard deposed

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Earlier this week, a microfinance institution was robbed in Bouko, in the Commune of N’Dali. More than four million CFA francs were taken away during the burglary. For the purposes of the investigation, the agency’s security officer is placed in pre-trial detention.

Last Monday, the thugs robbed a micro-credit agency and took away more than four million CFA francs. They succeeded in their operation when the security guard on duty in the financial institution left his post to go and have something to eat.

Credit agency burglars broke into the financial institution’s safe and took its contents. Arrested after the operation, the security officer on duty on the day of the burglary was remanded in custody. Apart from the security guard, the cashier and the manager of the agency were placed under judicial control after their hearing.

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