Bvmac: Cameroon is the 2nd contributor to the 2022-2028 bond issue of the Gabonese State

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(Business in Cameroon) – Gabon owes the success of its bond issue called “EOG 6.25% Net 2022-2028” first to investors based on its own territory, who bet a total envelope of just over 91 billion FCFA in this operation which made it possible to mobilize 175 billion FCFA in total. According to the report of the operation, after the investors from Gabon, come those from Cameroon, who provided 75 billion FCFA, or 42.8% of the kitty collected.

The dynamism of investors based in Cameroon on the sub-regional financial market (Bvmac), based in Douala, the economic capital of the country, has already manifested itself during the last bond issue of the Development Bank of Central African States (BDEAC). Indeed, with an envelope of 51.4 billion FCFA representing more than 46% of subscriptions, Cameroon was at the heart of the success of this operation launched in December 2022, and which enabled this sub-regional financial institution to mobilize 110 billion FCFA.

The large contribution of Cameroonian investors to fundraising operations carried out on Bvmac is all the more understandable since the country has banking networks (18 credit institutions) and microfinance (more than 400 approved structures in Cameroon) most extensive in the Cemac zone. Indeed, according to official data, banks are the main providers of financing for Bvmac, followed by insurance companies.


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