Call for applications to accredit adoption organizations

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The Ministry of Social Affairs and Microfinance is launching a call for applications to approve adoption bodies.

National and foreign organizations wishing to intervene in the adoption procedure in the Republic of Benin are invited to provide their application files for approval until June 22, 2022 at 5 p.m. (local time in Benin).

The files will be deposited in physical version at the Permanent Secretariat of the ACAIB, located on the 8th floor of the Administrative tower B, Office 803, Cotonou-Cadjèhoun, or in electronic version at the Email address: [email protected] against a certificate of deposit issued 72 hours at the latest after receipt of all complete files, indicates a press release from the Central Authority for International Adoption in the Republic of Benin (ACAIB) of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Microfinance dated May 25 2022.

Accreditation application files must include:

a request for approval addressed to the president of the Central Authority for intercountry adoption in the Republic of Benin; the list of names of all members; the receipt for payment of the costs of studying the files which amount to fifty thousand (50,000) FCFA for national organizations and one hundred thousand (100,000) FCFA for foreign organizations to be paid to the public treasury on account No. BJ6600100100000104393629; the bulletins n°1 of the criminal record of the members of the adoption organization dating from less than three months; the curricula vitae of the members; nationality certificates of members; the statutes of the organization; the list of people involved in the operation of the organization with the indication of their names, addresses and functions; proof of five (05) years of experience in the field of child protection attested by activity reports or any other evidence; a copy of the publication in the official journal of the Republic of Benin, of the declaration of registration of the organization or, failing that, a copy of the representation agreement signed with an approved organization having its headquarters on the national territory; a document setting out the proposed intermediary activity with a view to adoption, the financial operating conditions provided for, the budget for the current financial year, the balance sheet and income statement for the previous financial year; the name and address of the accountant responsible for keeping the organization’s accounts; the statement of the organization’s bank account(s) for the last twelve (12) months; proof of authorization and/or authorization issued in the territory in which the organizations are established.


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May 26, 2022 by Ignace B. Fanou,
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