Catholic women urged to promote social cohesion

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(APS) – The outgoing national president of the Coordination of Diocesan Unions of Catholic Women’s Associations of Senegal (CUDAFCS), Antoinette Guèye, on Saturday called on members of this community to promote stability and social cohesion.

“We are mothers, we want peace in our families, in our communities, in the Church, in the society where we live, in our country, Senegal, let us ourselves be weavers of peace! she said in particular.

Antoinette Guèye launched this appeal in Kaolack (center) on the occasion of the official ceremony to launch the work of the general assembly of assessment and renewal of the bodies of the CUDAFCS, in the presence of the Minister in charge of Microfinance and of the Social and Solidarity Economy, Victorine Anquediche of the Bishop of Kaolack, Monseigneur Martin Boucar Tine, of the mayor of the capital of Saloum, Serigne Mboup.

The theme of this general assembly, in which women from the seven dioceses of Senegal participate, is ”Women of CUDAFCS, artisans of human fraternity for peace in our communities”.

“How can I have peace if I am not a weaver of peace?” asked Ms. Guèye. She insisted on the fact that the theme chosen ”challenges all women, particularly Catholic ones, inviting them each to an introspection ”for the promotion of peace, stability and social cohesion”.

The 2019-2023 mandate, which has come to an end, has been “special” for all CUDAFCS associations. She maintains that despite the commitment of the members, from the bottom to the top, the Covid-19 pandemic has dampened the ardor and the determination of the members to continue the good work hitherto done by their predecessors.

”Despite this pandemic, we have managed to join the circle of twenty-five partner organizations of the +Voix et leadership des femmes du Sénégal+ (VLFS) project, which has enabled us to gradually strengthen ourselves institutionally and to carry out activities with certain member unions of our coordination,” argued Ms. Guèye.

She believes that the next office to be set up will have the ”heavy task” of meeting certain challenges which challenge them, in particular access to development projects, the strengthening of women’s autonomy, the organization of religious and social activities, among others, to boost the commitment of women.

The promotion of human rights and the consideration of vulnerable groups, the fight against gender-based violence, are among the challenges to be met by the next office of CUDAFCS, according to its outgoing president.

”We ask our church authorities for closer technical and spiritual support for women’s organizations for responsible and effective participation in the life of our church and our society,” pleaded Antoinette Guèye.

From the state authorities, the members of the association await the implementation of “large-scale projects” for all the seven dioceses of the country with a view to better taking care of the needs of women and the community. .

The mayor of Kaolack, Serigne Mboup, has, for his part, pledged to support Catholic women through economic development programs.

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