[Communiqué de Presse] Phitrust Partenaires confirms its positioning as a funder for social impact

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With 2 new investments and 9 reinvestments in 2022,

Phitrust confirms its positioning social impact funder

January 4, 2023

Phitrust’s investment strategy focuses on human capital and inclusion, with an approach that puts the deployment of social impact at the heart throughout the investment. The teams have, in a context of energy and inflationary crisis, secured/consolidated the growth of the companies in the portfolios around the 3 axes of its investment strategy: self-realization, access to fundamental goods, revaluation and making them levers of insertion .

9 reinvestments

The year has been very busy for the team and the investment committee. In 2021, Phitrust made 5 investments and 6 reinvestments. We reaffirm our positioning as an impact investor. Files like Sea Ranger, Kelbongoo, Kajou or BeCode are fully in line with this trend. In addition, the companies in the portfolio are developing and naturally call on us to support them in their growth. The impact segment has become vast. We are in the social impact investing space.

Phitrust has reinvested in the development of the following companies already in the portfolio:

Axis 1 – Achievement: Integration through employment, training, education

> Koiki (Spain) : delivery in soft mobility by people with mental disabilities (integration through work).

> Simplon (France) and BeCode (Belgium): training in coding professions for people far from employment

Axis 2- Access to basic goods: Health and care, sustainable food, housing, financial inclusion, etc.

> Permicro (Italy) : microfinance

> Swiss Fresh Water (Switzerland) : access to water (early 2023)

> Mundo Lab (Belgium) : real estate/third places with high environmental or sustainable quality

Axis 3- Revalorize and make them levers of insertion: circular economy, sustainable agriculture,

> Named Recycling (Belgium/Cameroon) : collection and processing of plastic waste

> The Alchemists (France) : collection and processing of organic waste

Funding for social entrepreneurship

> Lita.co (France) : funding platform for projects with social and environmental impact

2 new investments in 2022

> MicroEurope (Spain)

137 million people are excluded from the financial system in Europe (including 54% of women). The crisis linked to the pandemic has accentuated financial exclusion. Founded in Bilbao on February 10, 2022, MicroEurope aims to finance and support the development of microfinance institutions (MFIs) at European level.. Drawing on their knowledge of the microfinance sector developed in Italy, the Netherlands and Spain, the 8 co-founders of MicroEurope wish to structure and consolidate the microfinance offer in Europe by offering strategic and technical support to players in the development phase. . They are surrounded by 3 institutions that act as reference investors: Phitrust (France), Banca Popolare Etica (Italy) and Seed Capital Bizkaia (Spain).

> High Head (France)

Beer is the oldest fermented drink in the world. It has always been synonymous with sharing and social bonding. By becoming the first craft brewery for integration in France, Tête Haute wishes to participate in the revival of craft beer while going further in the role that this drink plays in our society.

Created in 2018, Tête Haute salarie, accompanies and qualifies people far from employment in the Nantes region through the manufacture and distribution of organic craft beers as well as the operation of a 1 ha organic hop farm for the needs of the brewery.

For Olivier de Guerre, President of Phitrust: “ In the context of energy and inflationary crises, weaknesses reappear preventing many people from looking for a job or finding one, which amplifies the target “market” for most of the companies we support and whose mission is to inclusion of people, whether through housing, health, work, training, food, etc. The long-term financing of these companies run by a new generation of committed entrepreneurs is more necessary than ever, given the environmental transition cannot be thought of without its social component. »

Outlook 2023

Phitrust will launch in 2023 the investment company Phitrust Partners Inclusion, successor of Phitrust Partners Europe. The management company confirms its willingness to invest in order to work with innovative social enterprises and give them the financial and human resources to accelerate their change of scale in Europe. Shares created in 2022 will bring together private investors wishing to participate in the financing and support of ambitious social enterprises, alongside renowned European institutional investors.

About Phitrust

Since its creation in 2003, the management company Phitrust has invested to act with large listed companies so that they develop their E, S, and G (Phitrust Active Investors) practices – and with unlisted companies with a positive impact for give them the financial and human resources to scale up and deploy their impact (Phitrust Partners and Phitrust Impact Investors). Two activities, one mission: to act as a shareholder committed to impact.

Patient capital, support, partnerships are an integral part of our business to bring about an economy that integrates without opposing the challenges of inclusion and the environment. More than 30 social enterprises are supported by Phitrust Partners teams. More information on: https://www.phitrust.com/societal-impact/

Phitrust adopted in 2021 the status of company with a mission with the raison d’être “Investing to act and contribute to the growth of companies that integrate the development of human beings and the preservation of our planet at the heart of their strategy. “.

Contact: Anais Dulong – [email protected] – 01 53 65 32 63

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