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Implemented since 2017 with the support of Global Affairs Canada, the Support Project for the Development, Professionalization and Sanitation of Microfinance in Benin (Adapami) has had its epilogue. This, through a closing workshop which took place on Thursday, January 19, 2022, at the Benin Royal hotel in Cotonou. Conclusive results recorded, thanks to the project, in terms of improving the performance of the sector.

End clap for the Support Project for the Development, Professionalization and Sanitation of Microfinance in Benin. Implemented with the support of Global Affairs Canada and the assistance of Développement international Desjardins (Did), the project has significantly contributed to improving the performance of the microfinance sector in Benin. From financial education to digital finance, the various players in the sector have been impacted. It should be emphasized that thanks to the “one woman, one account” initiative, launched in April 2018 as part of the project, 55,416 accounts have been opened by women. This initiative, which offers more economic autonomy to girls and women, has made it possible to inform more women about existing products, to strengthen financial inclusion and the security of women’s savings while reducing inequalities in access to financial services, especially in rural areas. The project has improved the financial inclusion of 94,385 vulnerable people, including 61,591 women. And this, thanks to the project’s financial education program whose strategy is based on five factors, in particular adaptation to the needs of the clientele, relevance in the Beninese context, proximity, sustainability and professionalization, monitoring and accountability. of account. Thus, 69,508 people were trained in basic financial notions, including 75% women, and 24,877 in financial education, including 78% women and 46% young people. Among other achievements related to digital finance, the definition of a digital strategy and an action plan, the strengthening of the energy infrastructure, the computerization of the Financial Center for businesses, the establishment of the interconnection , implementation of business processes, deployment of new digital solutions. Thus, the number of mobile tontine users increased from 16,831 in June 2019 to 249,333 as of September 30, 2022, while the number of digital users increased from 23,081 in June 2019 to 376,521 in September 2022. which command admiration and are highly praised by the partners and beneficiaries of the Adapami project. In his speech, the Director General of the project, Maurice Maurille Couthon, fulfilled a duty of gratitude towards Canada and Did as well as to all those who contributed to the realization of the operational activities of the project. . As for the Representative of Global Affairs Canada, Diane Harper, she praised the vitality of the cooperation between the two countries before specifying that the Adapami project aims to facilitate the financial inclusion of disadvantaged populations while contributing to the reduction of poverty. through an improvement in the situation of the targets. She also called for an objective assessment of the achievements and a harmonization of reflections in order to better identify the challenges of the sector. Opening the workshop, the representative of the Minister of Social Affairs and Microfinance, Gilles Da Costa, indicated that the project’s interventions are in line with the government’s vision, which makes the strengthening of the microfinance, a priority. According to him, the actions of the project are highly appreciated and contribute to improving the performance of the sector. For him, this workshop is an opportunity to discuss the progress made, the difficulties encountered but especially the lessons learned in order to improve future interventions. It should be noted that symbolic recognition trophies were awarded to the Minister of Microfinance and to the Head of Canadian Cooperation in Benin.


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