Côte d’Ivoire: Coffee-cocoa sector, SYNAPCI and ANAPROCI reassure producers of the payment of their COVID premiums

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Koné Moussa, President of the National Agricultural Union for Progress in Côte d’Ivoire (SYNAP-CI) announced this weekend during a meeting with several organizations and unions in the coffee-cocoa sector in the presence of the Association national association of coffee and cocoa producers in Côte d’Ivoire (ANAPROCI) that steps are being taken with the General Management of the Coffee-Cocoa Council (CCC) to allow the payment of the COVID premiums of all producers, associations and unions still pending.

“The problem that we have dissected together with the producers is to know what we can do so that our brave producers who have had their bank statements deposited with the managers for almost 3 months and who have been waiting , can be taken into account at short notice. The managers reassured us to say that if we noticed that there are cooperatives which have not yet had their money, it is because they had accounts in the microfinances and that these accounts have been closed. So when the Treasury bank makes the transfers, the money does not reach the recipients. So they will take all the measures, with us, so that everyone can benefit from their money. We have already met with the managers to make them a proposal. We asked to give 3.5 million CFA francs to all organizations (unions, associations, NGOs) to put them on a mission to raise awareness and explain the work that is being done by the Coast State d’Ivoire for the agricultural world. This proposal has been well received by managers,” said Moussa Kone.

He deplored the fact that the industry is plagued by a leadership problem and made a commitment to work to meet the needs of producers.

“There is an unnamed leadership issue that makes people feel like producers are divided. I assure you that the leaders who did not come here, most of them called me to justify their absence. The SYNAP-CI platform and theANAPROCI will continue to bring together those who are still hesitant to tell them that in the division we can not achieve anything, ”said Mr. Koné.

Kanga Koffi, President of theANAPROCI affirmed that the problems of leadership are secondary things because, they want to carry out a responsible step in an objective way to solve the problem of payment of the prices.

“The meeting was scheduled for the Deux Plateaux. We went there this morning (Saturday, Editor’s note), but we found two police cargo ships. So we approached the police to ask what were the reasons for their presence since in the letter we sent to the police, we asked for five police officers to ensure the security of our meeting. They replied to say that there are messages circulating indicating that another group of producers was also to hold a meeting at the same place. And so they are there to cancel our meeting so that there are no clashes. However, when we inquired, the managers of the space said that we were the only ones who had paid for the space for the meeting”, concluded Koné Moussa.



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