Defence: Philippines and United States discuss relations measures

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Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr met with the US Chargé d’Affaires to discuss a bilateral defense agreement.

>>The Philippines and the United States launch the largest joint military exercises
>> The Philippines suspends its exit from a military treaty with the United States

Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.


At a press conference, the Philippine president said the meeting focused on the Visiting Forces Agreement, known as the VFA, which allows the US military to conduct exchanges in the territory. Philippines, as well as on ways to reassess this treaty in the context of recent regional developments and also on funding to mitigate climate change.

He added that during the meeting, the Philippines reiterated its favorable welcome to all US measures aimed at supporting its economy through trade.

Earlier on the same day, the Philippine President had met separately with the Ambassadors of Japan, India and the Republic of Korea to discuss issues related to aid, microfinance, information technology, security region and the possibility of taking over the operation of a nuclear power station.



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