Dematerialization For Obtaining Accreditation: Senlabel ESS Ci La Bokk Put On Site

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The Ministry of Microfinance and Social and Solidarity Economy yesterday presented the Senlabel ESS Ci la Bokk platform to media players. This platform constitutes a national database to dematerialize the process of obtaining approval.

The social and solidarity economy is still confronted with the absence of a legal framework. To deal with this, a guidance project on this subject has been put in place. According to the Secretary General of the Ministry of Microfinance and the Social and Solidarity Economy, Cheikh Ndiaye, this orientation law aims to produce a beneficial effect on Senegalese society, to ensure an emancipatory function and to strengthen the resilience of the sector. ‘economy. “To this end, sub-sectors of activity, including the popular economy which were hitherto excluded from the market, will be better integrated into the economic system.

In the same vein, social entrepreneurs will be better freed from the inequalities created by the market economy system,” he says. Cheikh Fassa Diop presenting the said project, indicates that this law will ensure the function of decentralized interface for access to information and offers innovative digital services for the various actions of the social and solidarity economy sector. “It responds to the crying need for transition and an informal economy towards the world of small and medium-sized enterprises”, he informs. In his opinion, today, the dematerialization of the process of obtaining approval is necessary for any development strategy. “It will be a question of optimizing the organization and reducing the expenses”, he says.

For Minister Zahra Iyane Thiam, it was becoming urgent to popularize the legislative and regulatory texts but above all that the actors themselves can appropriate them. “This is why we have set up a digital platform since we felt that this procedure had to be dematerialized before allowing all players, regardless of their location, to be able to access all these advantages and innovations that President Macky Sall made available to actors,” she says. And to continue: “This is why we have set up the digital platform Sen Label ESS Ci la Bokk to show the inclusive character. It was also for us today, as a prelude to the official launch of this operationalization program, to share the first engine. Because you have to understand everything that revolves around the SSE to be able to judge its fairness, its transparency but above all its effectiveness”.

According to him, the first issue starting from the SSE; is that henceforth all actors regardless of status can first be channeled, supervised by the State within the framework of its status. “Thus, an informal actor can have his page on the platform which accompanies him to formalize, have a trade register and a Ninea. The platform allows them to have access to technical and financial support,” she suggests. Which, in his opinion, allows him to interact with other actors from other localities.


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