Development: Dr Richard Sita invites young people to move into entrepreneurship

Dr. Richard Sita indicated that it is by embarking on entrepreneurship that one can meet the vision of the Head of State to create Congolese millionaires, mainly in the youth. “It is difficult and almost impossible for an employee to become a millionaire. It is only in entrepreneurship that one can become one”, he underlined, asking the youth to take it seriously.

This desire of the President of the Republic to create Congolese millionaires, he said, is an opportunity for young Congolese to stand out, a good leitmotif for the development of the country. He recalled that for the materialization of this vision of the Head of State, there is, among the structures of the State, the Guarantee Fund for Entrepreneurship in Congo (Fogec). “At first, I did not believe in funding from the Congolese government and all the structures created in this direction. But, when the ministry in charge of Industry and small and medium-sized enterprises guided me towards Fogec, what followed reassured me that the vision of the Head of State to make Congolese millionaires is a reality”, underlined Richard Sita Tamusasa. He claimed to have been received by the general manager of Fogec, Laurent Munzemba, with whom he spoke about his company.

To reassure himself of the effectiveness of Le Risien Society, the general manager of Fogec also visited the facilities of this company which manufactures the great Congolese brand Ngola. This trip to the field allowed him to get a feel for the realities of this company, in particular its general management, as well as the factory where Ngola soap, powder and cream are manufactured, as well as other products in this range, including Nwelle Long hair oil, Enzenze strong wine, etc. “The General Manager Laurent Munzemba, satisfied with what we are doing, encouraged us to continue to fly the colors of the DRC and promised us the support of the government, through Fogec, with a view to expanding our business and satisfying at the request of the Congolese”, noted the general manager of Le Risien Society.

A new way of doing

Dr. Richard Sita also reassured the youth of the new way of doing things imprinted on this structure by its management led by Laurent Munzemba. He recalled having taken, in his time, several steps to benefit from funding through state structures, but all were unsuccessful. given that the projects thus introduced got lost in the bureaucracy of these structures “. “With Fogec, after contact by letter, General Manager Laurent Munzemba received me and my team in his office and our interview revolved around Le Risien Society, the Ngola range and what we expect from Fogec. What followed was his visit to our facilities to experience the realities that we presented in his offices. And, we reassure young Congolese entrepreneurs that things and the way of doing things have indeed changed within this structure which, it must be emphasized, requires seriousness”, indicated the director general of Le Risien Society.

Fogec’s mission is in particular to mobilize and collect financial resources at national and international level, with a view to guaranteeing access for start-ups, micro, small and medium-sized Congolese entrepreneurs and craftsmen to the financing of their projects by commercial banks and microfinance institutions.

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