Discovering sign language in a vegan fast-food restaurant, welcoming precarious women… Seven ideas for action.

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♦ Lunch in an inclusive and plant-based restaurant

Enjoying a vegan burger while learning sign language is possible at Furahaa – which means ” joy “ Where ” happiness “ in the Swahili language. Created by Arthur Devillers, who became deaf at the age of 2, Furahaa is the first “plant-based fast-food” run by deaf people. A fundraising campaign was launched on the mycrocredit.com site to raise €80,000 to expand the main restaurant, located in Paris, and roll out the concept nationwide via a franchise network; today there are three establishments.

By employing deaf people, Furahaa combats the injustice they face: their unemployment rate is higher than the average.


♦ Supporting entrepreneurs in the Andes

La Gr’Andes vadrouille is the name of the adventure of five students, who challenged themselves to cross the Andes by bike. Their objective: to raise funds to support local microfinance, a range of financial services intended to support projects for disadvantaged populations. The challenge requires technical, logistical and financial support, not only to travel 5,000 kilometers of road but also to help microentrepreneurs on their way, from Peru to Chile. These adventurous cyclists wish to encourage in particular female employment and integration through work.


♦ Welcoming vulnerable women

They have suffered violence, are isolated and sometimes live on the streets. Since 2020, the association Au tambour has been offering women in precarious situations moments of respite in its premises in the 6th arrondissement of Lyon. Coffee, games, activities: women of all ages are welcome
by volunteers.

They can take a shower and use clothing and hygiene products. Since its opening, the local Au tambour has been non-mixed, so that these women feel safe and regain their self-confidence. Closed in 2021 due to funding problems, the refurbished premises have just reopened at the end of May 2022. The association still needs donations to continue its activities.


♦ Participate in a citizen banquet

What if you debated, in complete confidence, with your neighbours? As in the 19th century, at the time of open-air republican meals, the Federation of Social and Sociocultural Centers of France organizes citizens’ banquets all over the country. Places for discussion set up in the heart of neighborhoods, to share a good time, strengthen ties and think about the future of your territory. Postponed for the past two years due to Covid-19, these citizen banquets take place until July 10, 2022.


♦ Discover the Emmaus worksites

The younger generation is thirsty for commitment, but how to apply it, between class hours, review slots or working hours? Like every summer, the Emmaüs association opens its traditional “campsites”: for three months, young people from all over France can take part in a solidarity experience in around ten structures.

The opportunity to give of oneself to fight against poverty and exclusion, but also to share one’s daily life with other committed, permanent volunteers and people welcomed. The only conditions? Be over 18 and sign up for at least one week!


♦ Daily carpooling

What if we shared a car to go to the office? This is what Ecov, a start-up offers
established in Nantes, which has been developing carpooling solutions throughout France since 2014, in conjunction with local authorities. The idea is to supplement the offer of urban buses in order to limit traffic jams in town, while more than 17 million French people use their car every day. Unlike BlaBlaCar, Ecov offers apps that focus on short distances and are therefore primarily aimed at those who commute to work. Go to the site to discover the lines near you and download the corresponding application.


♦ Support Ukrainian media

“We must ensure that independent media in Ukraine can continue to work, even when interest in the war inevitably wanes,” said the chief financial officer of Kyiv IndependentMay 3, World Press Freedom Day.

This English-language media was launched in 2021 by former journalists from the Kyiv Post, fired because of disagreements with the owner of the weekly, unrelated to the war. Since Kyiv Independent became known for his reporting on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. An online kitty has been launched to allow these journalists to continue their work, despite cyberattacks, bombings or ground attacks.


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