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Actor of education, KuriOz organized last week a first seminar of interknowledge with several foreign partners. The goal ? Exchange good practices in order to raise awareness among young people of current societal issues. Especially ecology.

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Yet absent from the program, the theme of global warming has invited itself to the table of debates. Because it was hot in the Poitevin premises of KuriOz where, on Thursday and Friday, a first international seminar was held to support the mobilization of young people in favor of social and ecological transitions.

This meeting consisted of an exchange of good practices between actors of education for global and solidarity citizenship, around these sustainable development objectives (or “SDGs”), which were signed under the aegis of the UN. . Alongside KuriOz, associations from Burkina-Faso, Comoros, Haiti, Senegal and Chad were invited to exchange their views and their educational know-how. “We are used to conducting discussions with French actors, but there are also those who are mobilizing on these subjects in other countries.explains François Guerry, director of KuriOz. They can enrich us on their practices towards certain audiences, such as the illiterate public for example. »

Towards “a first move to action”

Because these countries are no less concerned than we are by major societal changes. “We share similar issues”, assures Claire Lossiané, director of Yikri, a social microfinance program in Burkina Faso. Especially the climate issue. “We have peaks of 50°C in Senegal, the rains which are becoming scarce… We experience drought on a daily basis”, says Massow Ndiaye, animator in charge of school partnerships, citizenship education and sustainable development within the adolescent association. But the challenge remains to raise awareness. “There is no youth policy in Haiti, even though it is the largest populationconfides Mausert François, the director of the Adéma association. It’s a somewhat neglected age group, which no longer has role models. »

It is therefore difficult to mobilize without political support or financial means. “Yes, it’s the sinews of war, but you also have to motivate, promote individual, spontaneous action, like volunteering for examplereplies Massow Ndiaye. Hence the importance of our exchanges. » It remains to find how to stimulate this momentum… Using the educational tools it has developed over the years, KuriOz is committed to “accompany (the public) to a first passage to action, in the places where we intervene”specifies François Guerry. “For example, sorting waste in schools. It is something that anchors values, knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills and, therefore, cooperation. A way to prepare them to have a commitment. » It is never too early to learn about responsible citizenship.“This kind of initiative will allow us to achieve a change in the behavior of young people on the climate and society”, hopes Mausert François. KuriOz should organize a second meeting at the beginning of 2023, perhaps dedicated to the climate emergency.

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