FINASDDEE Credit Line Cameroon SA holds its first Annual General Meeting of Shareholders for the financial year 2021

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The session will have lasted several hours, given the importance of the files to be examined. The microfinance FINASDDEE Credit Line Cameroon SA, indeed held the very first Annual General Meeting of its shareholders. Session during which the directors and top management of this financial institution took stock of its activities since its official opening on January 14, 2021. Chaired by Mr. Marcus AJChi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of FINASDDEE Credit Line Cameroon SA, the General Assembly focused on the examination of the management report for the financial year ended December 31, 2021, and the achievements over the same period. The work also made it possible to assess the various challenges encountered during 2021, and to identify the outlook for the 2022 financial year.

After almost a year and a half of operation, FINASDDEE Credit Line Cameroon SA is positioning itself as a microfinance institution with diversified offers and adapted services. “We continuously provide our customers with world-class services in the most cost-effective way possible in order to retain their loyalty. We provide our customers, general public and professionals, with highly innovative financing products and solutions based on a secure and protected IT architecture. Our teams are constantly listening to our customers,” said Mr. Ernest Chefon, Finance and Treasury Director of FINASDDEE Credit Line Cameroon SA.

FINASDDEE Credit Line Cameroon SA has diversified products and services: savings and current accounts, daily collection accounts, salary accounts, personal loans and salary advances, business accounts, loans and overdrafts to companies, accounts for the diaspora, a service for the provision of foreign currencies, the payment of bills and the FMT (FINASDDEE Money Transfer). In addition, on April 19, 2022, FINASDDEE Credit Line Cameroon SA signed a partnership with WAFACASH Central Africa to expand its platform for money transfer in Cameroon and around the world and “we are committed to always satisfy our customers by offering them the best customer experience in all our agencies equipped with a branding that puts the customer in his position of ROI. We take all the measures on a daily basis to ensure that our services are irreproachable. We place particular emphasis on customer service, and our product ranges stand out from what is offered by the competition”, declares Mr. Isaac Bopda Ouambo, Sales Director of FINASDDEE Credit Line Cameroon SA

Within the framework of this Annual General Meeting, the shareholders of microfinance evaluated the achievements in terms of innovations, consolidation of achievements, prospects and extension of the FINASDDEE network which currently has nearly 10,000 clients spread over the 4 agencies operations of: Yaoundé in the Center Region, Douala in the Littoral Region, and Limbe, in the South West Region. Among the challenges to be met in the long term, senior FINASDDEE Credit Line Cameroon SA officials plan to optimize the digitization of services: “Our online counter already gives customers the possibility of initiating the opening of their account or their financial support file (credit or online cash facility), and conclude it in one of our branches, whether you are connected on a mobile phone or a computer, whether you live in Cameroon or abroad”, added Mr. Isaac Bopda Ouambo, Sales Manager. Mr. Ernest Chefon, the Director of Treasury and Finance announces the implementation of an extension plan for FINASDDEE Credit Line Cameroon SA beyond the three Regions of current establishment.

Subsidiary of the British group FINASDDEE Capital Holding Ltd, FINASDDEE Credit Line Cameroon SA is approved by Ministerial Order No. 00000539 /MINFI of August 2, 2021following the assent of the Central African States Banking Commission (COBAC) of March 23, 2021 by the COBAC Decision No. D-2021/126. The establishment has a fully subscribed and paid up capital of 300 million FCFA.

“We want to support employees already engaged elsewhere in the realization of projects thanks to one-off financing and set up in 48 hours maximum…. »

Mr. Isaac Manassé BOPDA OUAMBOSales Director of FINASDDEE Credit Line Cameroon SA

Our product line stands out from the competition. For Salary Direct Debit Accounts, you do not need to leave your bank; We offer you an account called “SPESA” which gives you the possibility of being financed up to 5,000,000 FCFA after 1 or 3 months of relationship, depending on whether you have opted for the “Standard“, Where “Gold”. This financing is covered over a period ranging from 06 to 24 months. This is an exceptional offer. Among other things, with the support of the Monetics Organization for Africa, we intend to diversify and improve our digital services, since this is a current market requirement.

We also have a look at the Diaspora, customers to whom we give the possibility of being able to save and invest remotely thanks to our range of dedicated products, in particular: Diaspora Individual Saving Account, Diaspora Current Account, Diaspora Association Account and investments. miscellaneous through the Diaspora Individual Investment Account. In view of our commitment to provide a world-class quality of service, we place particular emphasis on coaching, continuous training, and retraining of human resources in order to ensure permanent skills development. This is our guarantee of performance.

Visit one of our branches in Bali, Bonamoussadi, Limbe or Yaoundé.

“We are EPIC because our values ​​are based on Empathy, Performance, Integrity and Creativity….”

Mr. Ernest CHEFONDirector of Treasury and Finance

We offer world class services at FINASDDEE Credit Line Cameroun SA We combine speed and efficiency in all our services. Thanks to its highly secure, protected and extremely responsive operational platform, FINASDDEE Credit Line Cameroon SA offers a cutting-edge service thanks to its dynamic, qualified and available staff. We listen to our customers through a dedicated line available 24 hours a day. Our services are adapted to the needs of all segments of the population. We have for example the account “TASA” for small traders, we have other products for large economic operators, companies, and employees. Our core values ​​are based on Empathy, Performance, Integrity and Creativity. FINASDDEE Credit Line Cameroon SA has made a commitment through all the products and services it offers to its customers in order to satisfy them, to provide them with the Best Customer Experience.

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