Fish wash up on the beaches of Grand-Popo

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For the past few days, an unusual phenomenon has been occurring on the beaches of Grand-Popo. Fish wash up on the coast and people, especially children, pick them up. Are these fish unfit for consumption? What is the cause of the phenomenon?

Hundreds of fish have been stranded for some time on certain beaches in Grand Popo. The young people devote themselves to collecting. But no one knows the cause of the death of these fish. According to some residents, it is a cyclical phenomenon whose last appearance dates back a very long time. Indeed, according to Mr. Djossou, this phenomenon occurs when the nets of fishermen using the technique ”watched” are overwhelmed. “The fish that wash up there on the coast,” he explains. However, the recurrence of the phenomenon makes him say that it may well be something else. And indeed, in recent days, the ocean has been really generous with fishermen.

A few days ago it was in Seko in the district of Agoué. The phenomenon also occurred in Avlo and on the day of June 20, it was on the beach of Hilla-Condji that fish were again stranded.

It should be noted that the Red Cross took an interest in the phenomenon by raising awareness among children in order to prevent them from picking up dead fish.

At present, no one knows the exact cause of the death of these fish. The populations are sensitized not to consume. We can’t wait for the competent services of the departmental directorate of agriculture, livestock and fishing to look into this file to appease local residents and fish consumers.

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June 21, 2022 by Judicaël ZOHOUN

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