For the first time, Africa will host the World Social Economy Forum

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Until then, Africa had not hosted the World Social Economy Forum, yet it is one of the countries most affected by this theme. This hiatus seems to be in the process of being “corrected”, since the 6th edition of the event will be held on African soil, more precisely in Senegal. And it is hoped that Tunisia will be represented there by senior officials of the country.

The 6th edition of the World Social Economy Forum “GSEF 2023“, will take place from May 1 to 6, 2023 in Dakar, Senegal, which edition is co-organized by the City of Dakar and the Network of actors and local authorities for the social and solidarity economy (RACTES), in partnership with the Senegalese Ministry of Microfinance and Social and Solidarity Economy.

It should be noted that this Forum is one of the major international meetings on the social and solidarity economy (SSE) which brings together, every two years, all the stakeholders of the SSE, namely local governments national networks to civil society actors and networks, including international organizations, academia and research, not to mention private sector actors, with a view to sharing practices, experiences, policies and visions and building a more inclusive, equitable, supportive and human-centered, media reports.

For this 6th edition, the organizers aim to bring together 3,000 people to discuss the theme “the transition from the informal economy to collective and sustainable economies for the territories”.

This is a theme that is not lacking in challenge, ambition, relevance and above all interest for Tunisia, which makes the integration of the informal sector into the formal one a national priority. This suggests that the government will send a strong delegation to Dakar. In any case, hopefully.

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