Four public-private partnerships announced this year by USAID to support digital in Africa

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The US government recently announced the launch of several digital projects in Africa. They aim to expand digital access and literacy and strengthen supportive digital environments across the continent.

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) announced on Monday, January 9, four new public-private partnerships under the Digital Invest program which aims to support digital connectivity infrastructure and digital financial services in developing markets.

The press release published by the American agency informs that the said partnerships will be launched this year, expanding and diversifying the portfolio of Digital Invest with new and innovative approaches. The first partnership mentioned will be signed with the Kenyan company CSquared for the establishment of a national fiber optic network with open access of 350 kilometers in Liberia, which will make it possible to offer quality Internet access to nearly one million of people in the country.

The second collaboration, under the Microsoft Airband initiative, aims to increase internet availability for 5 million people in Africa and an additional 5 million people globally by the end of 2025. This will go through the launched a global incentive fund providing digital access to community institutions such as clinics, schools and local governments.

The third partnership, with accelerator Modus Capital, aims to foster the growth and development of the continent’s local tech talent and impact-focused early-stage companies.

The latest partnership announced is a collaboration with investment firm SIMA Funds through its crowdfunding platform Sow Good Investments, which will catalyze U.S. retail investments in fintech microfinance institutions and pay-as-you-go solar finance and distribution companies. operating throughout sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia.

It should be noted that the Digital Invest is a blended finance program that aims to mobilize private capital for digital connectivity infrastructure and digital financial services that strengthen open, interoperable, reliable, inclusive and secure digital ecosystems in emerging markets. . This program was announced by US President Joe Biden in June 2022 as a flagship program of the Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investments (PGII).

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