Gabon: Microfinance institutions now have 286,560 clients

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With 19 establishments, including 6 savings and credit cooperatives and 13 public limited companies, the microfinance sector continues to develop. According to figures from the General Directorate for the Economy and Fiscal Policy (DGEPF), this sector recorded an increase in the number of its customers to 286,560 at the end of December 2021.

If according to the plan of distribution of establishments operating in this sector, it remains largely controlled by public limited companies, which collect savings and grant loans to third parties, overall the performance of this sector continues to progress. Driven by the dynamic creation of branches, this performance resulted in an increase in customers.

Indeed, the sector recorded a 13.13% increase in its clientele, which rose from 253,284 users to 286,560. Four main establishments alone account for almost 85.5% of the market share. It should be noted that most of the activities remain mainly concentrated in Libreville, Port-Gentil, Franceville and Oyem but should be deployed in other provinces of the country.

The target clientele of MFIs remains focused on salaried individuals and people with regular permanent resources or income, particularly SMEs/SMIs, traders and craftsmen, retirees and scholarship students.

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