GDIZ and SIPI put 1500 plants in the ground

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The Beninese community commemorates, this Wednesday, June 1, 2022, the 38th edition of National Tree Day. The Company for Investment and Promotion of Industry (SIPI) has sacrificed to tradition with 1,500 plants. The planting ceremony took place in the presence of the Director General of SIPI, Létondji BEHETON, the Director General of APIEX, Laurent GANGBES, the mayors of Tori Bossito and Zè, and several other personalities.

Environmental protection occupies an important place in SIPI’s industrialization strategy. For the 2022 edition of Arbor Day, the company plans to plant 1,500 plants. Of this number, around 100 Roystonea (royal palm) plants were planted on June 1, 2022 on the central medians within the GDIZ.

In addition to this species, Mangifiera indica, Citrus sinensis (orange trees), Khaya Senegalensis (caïlcédrat) and Termina will be planted on the corridors within the GDIZ in the coming days.

“The Glo-Djigbé Zè Industrial Zone (GDIZ) is a project that takes into account all aspects of the environment. Despite the fact that it is an industrial project, we try to minimize as much as possible, all that is impact on the environment”, underlined the director general of SIPI. The objective, according to him, is to “build a modern industrial zone of international class and respectful of the environment”.

In the current context of climate change and warming, the essential thing according to Létondji BEHETON is to undertake all kinds of possible actions to minimize the risks of human action and its negative effects on the environment.

On behalf of the mayors of Abomey-Calavi and Zè, the mayor of Tori Bossito thanked the officials of the GDIZ for the work they are doing.

Referring to the importance of the tree in the life of man, Rogatien KOUAKOU expressed the wish that the plants that will be planted will be monitored.

After planting the seedlings, the authorities visited the installed textile industries of the GDIZ.


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June 2, 2022 by F. Aubin Ahéhéhinnou,
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