GIM-UEMOA joins forces with SENFAY for the development of GIM-Pay

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After the launch of the GIM-Pay payment ecosystem in November 2022 in Dakar, the UEMOA inter-monetic grouping forged an alliance with SENFAY to accompany and support all merchants (SMEs) and entrepreneurs.

The development of the GIM-Pay ecosystem aims to facilitate an enhanced customer experience, increase transactions issued through a unification of available payment methods/means. The mobile client interface of this ecosystem will be a super application called GIM-Pay. It is not proprietary because some participants in this ecosystem may continue to use their own mobile client interface. GIM-Pay will exist in two versions: GIM-Pay Consumer and GIM-Pay Pro for merchants.

The partnership with SENFAY will therefore make it possible to accompany and support all merchants (small and medium-sized enterprises) and entrepreneurs in their commitment to the digitalization of the management processes of their business in all its forms.

“By joining our forces with those of GIM-UEMOA, we are giving substance to what makes up our DNA: Contributing in our own way to promoting all the entrepreneurial talent of our fellow citizens in the sub-region” declares Cheikh Makhfouss Fall, Founder & CEO of SENFAY.

For the Director General of GIM-UEMOA, Minayegnan COULIBALY, “this partnership with Fintech SENFAY is an illustration of our vision: to facilitate, catalyze and federate the open ecosystem of payment of UEMOA”. It is particularly with SENFAY, to allow merchants and restaurateurs to have various integrated, adapted and easy-to-use digital solutions required for better daily management of their business.

GIM-Pay will complement the solutions provided by SENFAY with not only the various payment instruments available in the region (Mobile Money, Debit Cards, Prepaid Cards, QR Code) but also loyalty services, sharing of experience data customer. This clearly demonstrates the positioning of the GIM-Pay market infrastructure: To be the catalyst for an enhanced customer experience.


SENFAY is a technology company, partner of YouCloud based in Dubai, which provides all players in the trade with a range of solutions that allow them to gain in simplicity, visibility and profitability in the daily management of their activities.

From total inventory visibility to managing stock alerts to controlling supplier channels and accounting, SENFAY is at the heart of what covers all the needs of merchants and entrepreneurs.

SENFAY has in its product portfolio: YouShop (for any merchant) and YouResto (for any restaurateur).

YouShop allows merchants to have total visibility of their activities from inventory recording to collection (multi-channel payment), through sales, marketing (management and monitoring of customer offers) , and accounting, not to mention supplier management.

Its main objective is to enable the development and formalization of commercial activities through their digitalization.

YouResto is a solution that allows you to manage all the players in the catering ecosystem: customers, deliverers, and restaurateurs.

For the restaurateur, YouResto makes it possible to manage all the activity, from the creation of tables and menus, to the management of stock, inventories, staff and suppliers.

For customers, it facilitates order taking and payment via QR code, online ordering and booking, as well as payment via wallet, cash and card. For delivery people, the solution includes a delivery application that allows them to receive and track orders received in real time.


The Groupement Interbancaire Monétique de l’UEMOA (GIM-UEMOA), a regional body, was created in 2003 by the BCEAO and the banks with the aim of implementing a regional interbank electronic payment system for electronic withdrawals and payments. Today the GIM-UEMOA federates 145 banks, financial and postal establishments, microfinance structures, Electronic Money Establishments.

The GIM-UEMOA covers three main and complementary activities:

The payment scheme through the provision of a payment application and specifications for the issuance of regional bank cards and other payment instruments as well as the management of the related operational governance framework. The GIM-UEMOA thus undertakes to increase the influence of the regional payment card beyond the UEMOA zone, through reciprocal acceptance partnerships with other national or regional payment schemes in order to give the population a choice. of WAEMU. It is also a question of developing an open ecosystem by establishing bridges with all the alternative payment instruments to the card.

Switching which ensures the interoperability of electronic transactions for all market players. The GIM-UEMOA opens its interoperability activity to all types of actors likely to submit electronic transactions for clearing (routing, clearing of card transactions, mobile, e-commerce, money transfer, etc.).

Processing through outsourcing and technical processing by delegation of electronic products and services, the offer of solutions with high added value and driving innovation.

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