Guinea: Investisseurs & Partenaires (I&P), MBM Capital and the European Union finance two first high-potential companies

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As part of the I&P Acceleration in the Sahel program, an initiative funded by the European Union, I&P and MBM Capital have just carried out two new financings within Guinean companies: Luxcosmetiks and Demal Expertises.

Bringing out the future champions of entrepreneurship in Guinea

Presented last March in Conakry during an information meeting with the main players in the private sector, I&P Acceleration in the Sahel (IPAS) is a support program launched by Investisseurs & Partenaires (I&P), dedicated to small companies deemed young or too risky by traditional financing players (banks, microfinance, investment funds, etc.) to allow them to structure themselves, formalize and thus succeed in their start-up phase.

Funded by the European Union, this initiative aims to strengthen the business climate in Guinea and in the other target countries of the program, but also to promote and promote several companies with high growth potential.

To respond to this ambitious project, I&P has partnered with MBM Capital to monitor and support companies in Guinea:

“Guinean entrepreneurs, given the configuration of our ecosystem, are showing unparalleled resilience. Dynamic, persevering and combative, they try as much as possible to develop their businesses, with the means at hand. In order to bring out their full potential, we are happy to be able to provide them with our market experience and our technical expertise in order to support them in this great adventure that is theirs. At MBM Capital, we have set ourselves the goal, above all else, of developing and deploying comprehensive financing tools that respond to the main technical and financial problems of local SMEs, with a view to ensuring their as efficient as possible”, emphasizes Mouctar BAH, Managing Director of MBM Capital.

“I&P is proud to collaborate with financing players such as MBM Capital to promote the growth of the private sector in Guinea and bring out talented men and women entrepreneurs who create jobs. The IPAS program is progressing rapidly, with nearly 90 companies financed throughout the Sahelian sub-region at the end of 2022. After these first two financings carried out in Guinea, we will continue, as far as possible, to support promising start-ups in the country. Two additional financings are thus planned for the last months of the IPAS program in 2023,” adds Sophie Ménager, director of the I&P Acceleration program in the Sahel.

Collaborate with Guinean companies with strong growth potential

To date, the first two Guinean companies making up the portfolio are: Demal Expertises, a cocoa processing company into chocolate, cocoa powder, cocoa butter and roasted beans under the Zeïna Cacao brand, and Luxcosmetiks, a production and marketing of perfumes and body care products under the Star brand.

Founded respectively by Ms. Djénabou Diallo (Demal Expertises), and Mr. Thierno Boubacar Diallo with Mr. Abdoul Hamidou Diallo (Luxcosmetiks), these two companies will benefit from financial support (seed financing) and technical support (training, expertise by national and/or international consultants) enabling them to increase their production capacity (layout of premises, improvement of production equipment and production processes, supply of raw materials), to strengthen internal skills and to improve business structuring.


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