Haiti – Economy : The PM promotes female entrepreneurship (Video)

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Haiti – Economy : The PM promotes female entrepreneurship (Video)
21/05/2022 09:56:09

Haiti - Economy : The PM promotes female entrepreneurship (Video)

Friday, May 20 at the Kinam Hotel, Prime Minister ai Ariel Henry participated in the celebration ceremony of entrepreneurial mothers, an initiative of the Investment Facilitation Center (CFI) aimed at promoting female entrepreneurship.

In his speech, the Head of Government declared […] The supervision of Haitian women entrepreneurs is a necessity, a fundamental prerequisite for public institutions committed to the reduction of poverty and social inequality and to the inclusive and sustainable development of key sectors of the national economy.

[…] Female entrepreneurship is a force for growth and national development since it allows the emancipation of women through the creation of stable jobs, which automatically generates financial independence, the development of the spirit of female solidarity.

[…] Women entrepreneurs are the backbone of agricultural trade. They have always dominated the microfinance clientele (76.82% of borrowers). Without women entrepreneurs, the survival of microfinance would have been a major challenge.

Women are true artisans of lasting change in Haiti. They occupy a significant space in the economy, being very involved in the whole cycle of national production. »

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