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Zahra Iyane Thiam will not wait long to make a decisive reply to the very last outing of the leaders of Yewwi Askan Wi who have conjured to maintain their watchword to demonstrate this Friday.

Joined by Senego, the current Minister of Microfinance and Social Economy, immediately expressed his dismay at the posture adopted by Yewwi Askan Wi who, according to Mrs. Zahra Iyane Thiam, is in a logic of causing trouble in this country to justify their forfeiture and their “irresponsibility”.

“We had never seen such irresponsible people who always think that everything that happens to them is Bby’s responsibility. They like to accuse Benno, when we have never heard Benno attack the institutions of this country or call for an insurrection, nor less hold or act in a way that would try to tarnish the image of the State for political games that require more serenity, responsibility or even republican height…”, indicated, in substance Zahra Iyane Thiam on the phone of senego.

In addition, Zahra Iyane Thiam will not fail to bring the leaders of Yewwi Askan Wi back to the school of political virtue by asking them to know how to keep reason and not forget the values ​​that must inspire and guide the actions of an actor. politician who loves his country and wants to work for his people, because whatever the vision we have on the management of the affairs of the city, we must learn not to be at the origin of irreparable consequences.

“I call on these people with political wisdom and Republican fundamentals who would like us to carry the country beyond all our personal considerations. We must clean up our political action and direct it exclusively towards what would help this Senegal which is dear to us to stay the course which leads to the emergence already well initiated by President Macky Sall”, added Zahra Iyana Thiam.

“Doing politics does not require any form of animosity. You just have to know how to respect the rules that guide the democratic game. That everyone respects the rules and charters which organize the game of elections so that no reproach will be brought to anyone. If Yaw is not able to play well by respecting the rules which organize the elections, that he assumes his own turpitude without ever trying to lead this country towards chaos, something which will not happen elsewhere”, added the minister who is of the opinion that the band of Khalifa Sall wants to have trouble with the just so that we do not have to organize elections on the date indicated.

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