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As usual, the IAMD microfinance structure has once again come to the aid of the municipalities of its target clientele through the donation of school furniture to have a positive impact on approximately 1,000 students, to the great satisfaction of the educational world.

Formerly oriented towards individuals, the approach has changed this year to allow the annual social action dedicated to populations to reach a greater number and over the long term. As such, it is the schools that benefit from the fruits of the benefits generated this year by IAMD-Microfinance (African Institute for the Application of Development Methods in Microfinance). Aware that learners are missing furniture in all localities of the country, the structure, which has been working in the social sector since 1998, traveled through four municipalities this Friday, December 02, 2022, for the delivery of donations of tables and benches.

These are the communes of Porto-Novo, Avrankou, Akpro-Missérété all in the department of Ouémé and the commune of Adja-Ouèrè in the department of Plateau.

According to the breakdown, the commune of Porto-Novo received 150, 100 for Avrankou as well as Akpro-Missérété and 50 for the commune of Adja-Ouèrè.

Wherever the delegation, led by the chairman of the board of directors, went, the joy was at its height. The delegation was welcomed in each region by the representatives of the beneficiaries, namely: the municipal authorities, the heads of the educational regions and the directors of schools.

This happened in all 4 municipalities through a very simple ceremony.

Indeed, Pierre Egbléa, Chairman of the IAMD Board of Directors takes the floor to congratulate and thank the political and administrative authorities as well as the government for the many efforts they are making to meet the development challenges initiated since one moment. He continues by announcing the context of the act before promising to do better next time. “This is just the beginning,” said the chairman of the board of directors of IAMD microfinance. “We are motivated to accompany you and do more the next time,” he assures us at each stage of the tour.

Following him, Mrs. Koukpo Christiane marries Ahoumènou, Director of the structure, presents the context and invites the beneficiaries to make good use of it in order to motivate them to continue in the same direction and impact more people with these social works. “IAMD microfinance has for several years given itself the mission of carrying out social works. At the end of each financial year, therefore, part of the result is reserved for it,” explained the director of IAMD microfinance. “And this year, the structure has planned to provide the schools with tables and benches,” she explains.

The Director of IAMD will then invite the beneficiaries to make good use of the donations received because this is what will motivate them to do more.

Subsequently, the beneficiaries through the Heads of Educational Regions and the politico-administrative authorities take the floor to complete the speech phase.

In the 4 municipalities, they express their gratitude because of the great void that this gesture of the IAMD fills. They salute the act, which everyone describes as unprecedented, then formulate thanks and prayers for the donors before promising to make good use of it.

Then begins the phase of joint signature and official delivery of the slips which sanction the closing of the ceremony.

Yiseyon Chedo

“My appeal to customers is to continue to honor their commitments to

of IAMD-Microfinance,” says Director Christiane Koukpo,

IAMD-Microfinance is the African Institute for the Application of Development Methods in Microfinance. It is an associative DFS, Decentralized Financial System whose mission is to strengthen the economic activities of its target clientele and particularly women through quality financial and non-financial services with a view to improving their social well-being. on the one hand, and to become a financially sustainable institution on the other.

IAMD-Microfinance’s vision is to become a financially sustainable, socially responsible microfinance company that offers financial and non-financial services adapted to its target clientele.

IAMD-Microfinance was created in 1997 and is based in Porto-Novo. It covers 4 departments through 6 agencies, including 3 in Ouémé, namely those of Avakpa, Avrankou and Akonaboè where the head office is located, then an agency in Ikpinlè in the Plateau department; commune of Adja-Ouèrè. The institution has just opened up the Littoral and Atlantique departments with the Cotonou agencies in Saint Michel and Abomey-Calavi respectively.

For several years the IAMD has opted for the realization of social works to remain in conformity with one of its two missions which is the social mission next to that of the search for profitability as DFS.

Indeed, at the end of each financial year, the leaders release part of the result for the realization of social works and this, for several years. Going back 4 years, IAMD offered impregnated mosquito nets in 2018 to its target population in the Ouémé and Plateau departments. The positive echoes of this action motivated the leaders to continue the social actions and in 2019, he offered loincloths as the end of the year celebrations approached. There was joy among the population with the same echoes of satisfaction on both sides. In 2020, officials have reflected and decided to impact the national education sector with the plan to relieve parents. Thus, they opted for the distribution of school supplies with very motivating feedback which pushes leaders to continue the same action in this same sector with the duplication of the donation of school supplies in 2021. The many problems facing the education sector national education, despite the commendable efforts of the government, are maintaining the social actions of the structure in the national education sector this year 2022. But the leaders decide to change their approach.

Indeed, they have decided to support the government through the donation of school furniture in the departments of Ouémé and Plateau while waiting for the turn of the departments of the Atlantic and the coast soon.

Thus 400 tables and benches were offered to the educational world of the municipalities of Porto-Novo, Avrankou, Akpro-Missérété and Adla-Ouèrè.

“IAMD Microfinance does not claim to solve all the social problems of the target populations”, emphasizes the director of this institution. She continues: “But he participates in the reduction of the sentences of the populations”. Koukpo Christiane, wife Ahoumènou projects, “By the grace of God, the social work that will be carried out in 2023 will be more consistent than those of previous years”. To this end, it initially invites to a good use of the donations already made to motivate to continue. Secondly, it asks its customers to continue to respect their commitments to the institution in order to enable it to generate more profit. “The appeal that I then have to make to clients is to continue to honor their commitments vis-à-vis IAMD Microfinance since that is what makes us strong. Without them, we do not exist and without them, we cannot carry out these works. They must honor their commitments to allow us to make a profit for the realization of these social works,” she concluded.


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