In Cameroon, microfinance institutions called upon to save their data in the cloud

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ST Digital, a datacenter located in Cameroon, organized last March, in partnership with Anemcam (National Association of Microfinance Institutions), a workshop on the “challenges of IT outsourcing for microfinance institutions”. Through this platform, the cloud IT services company in Central and West Africa comes in response to the difficulties experienced by microfinance companies for the total or partial management of their IT infrastructure for specialists.

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Among the recommended solutions, we find in the first line, the use of the cloud for the archiving of computer data. This is a set of hardware, network connections and software providing services that individuals and communities can use from anywhere in the world. Through this service, microfinance institutions (MFIs) can reduce and better control the costs related to IT in their field of activity. To this end, it offers MFIs the possibility of benefiting from the pooling of resources available to the service provider, and can now entrust the management of their databases.

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Then, we note the security of the data. For this, a simulation was presented by ST Digital to educate MFIs on the savings generated by the use of the cloud. Moreover, they benefit from the security of their data entrusted to specialists in the fight against cybercrime, from better business productivity and finally from the speed to innovate iteratively.

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As a reminder, ST Digital was created in April 2017 by Cameroonian computer scientist Anthony Same. Based in Douala, the IT services company is now established in four other countries in Central and West Africa (Togo, Benin, Ivory Coast and Congo). Faced with the decisive turning point in the consumption of online services by companies and administrations deeply impacted by the Covid crisis, ST Digital has set itself the main objective of positioning a complete and integrated support service offer, in order to reduce the dependence of African companies vis-à-vis the outside world.

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