In Lorient, these 30-somethings want to help the land regenerate – Bretagne

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Repairing the earth is the stated ambition of Open Lande, a “factory of evolutionary projects” born in Nantes in 2017 and which is now spreading in the territories. After Anjou and Biarritz, the first Open Lande Bretagne is on its way. The project is carried by three thirty-year-olds living between Lorient and Clohars-Carnoët (29). The principle is simple, it is a question of supporting economic actors who wish to transform themselves towards the regenerative economy. “We want to go beyond the circular economy. We want to have a positive impact on living things, on biodiversity,” emphasizes Kevin Gadret. After having worked in industry, this professional retraining engineer is an actor in the Fresque du climat.

A network of experts

The approach is new. It aims to “bring life back”, adds Yoann Rouillac, architect by training and consultant designer in strategy. He too is the bearer of this Breton factory which associates Pauline Caroni. Professional coach in retraining, graduated from a business school, she has worked in microfinance in India. Host of the Biodiversity Fresco, she should take on the role of president of this Breton Open Lande that the curious and interested people are invited to join. “The idea is to build a kind of spider’s web with a network of experts while taking into account the specificities of the territories”, emphasizes Pauline Caroni.

We are in Lorient, we are looking for a floating place. The idea would be to regenerate a boat to make our offices.

Associative and entrepreneurial functioning

Their factory will have a dual function, associative, by offering citizen workshops and “events from September”, and entrepreneurial, aimed at communities, associations and companies wishing to embark on their journey of ecological transformation. A five-step journey, from raising awareness to eco-design that integrates diagnosis, impact strategy and training. Preference is given to projects with a positive environmental and social impact. The Breton factory has set itself a target of around ten people with an employee of the association. She is also looking for a place that reflects the values ​​she defends. “We are in Lorient, we are looking for a floating place. The idea would be to regenerate a boat to make our offices,” says Yoann Rouillac.

To note

Launch party, Wednesday June 29, 2022 at Code 0, 5, rue de Carnel, in Lorient, from 7 p.m., in the presence of Baptiste Dupas, animator of the Open Lande community. Contact: [email protected]

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