Insecurity: 4 presumed armed robbers arrested by the police in Bafoussam, capital of the West region – Cameroon – Cameroon

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They are accused of having taken more than 28 million FCFA in a microfinance in the locality of Dschang department of Menoua.

The gang that sowed terror throughout the Western region fell into the nets of the regional division of the Western judicial police.

To their credit several robberies including the one committed in broad daylight in the city of Dschang, where they took away more than 28 million FCFA in a microfinance according to police sources.

These robbers, mostly convicts, were in the sights of the security forces according to the same sources.

An operation hailed by the administrative authorities who on occasion reiterated to the populations populations to collaborate with the police in order to put out of harm’s way the outlaws who sow terror in the region. The 4 unfortunates have been brought to justice where they will have to answer for their actions.

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