Kinshasa: the microfinance institution “ProcFin” begins its extension, a new branch opened in Kalamu

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The microfinance institution ProcFin SA has started its extension in the city of Kinshasa. The first agency, apart from that of Gombe, which is the general management, was born this Friday, January 27. It is located in the center of the capital, in Victoire, on Avenue Victoire A8, Matonge district, in the municipality of Kalamu. The place is not far from the town hall and just opposite the Funa police station.

The ribbon cutting ceremony was performed by the mayor of Kalamu commune, Charly Luboya, who promised collaboration with ProcFin.

“I am very happy to have one more bank in my entity. I promised them a good collaboration, I want that. My wish is that we stay together, that we seek to develop the commune of Kalamu together,” he said.

ProcFin, this institution of micro finances knows the existence after the procures which was an entity of the catholic church. It nevertheless remains faithful to its mission of financial inclusion in order to meet the needs of low-income people and encourage the culture of savings. ProcFin is under the supervision of the central bank to raise the socio-economic component in the society. From Monday, January 30, the doors will be open to receive the first customers.

“We will have the particularity of having a quality service with innovations relating to new technologies. We hope to reach a large population. This Victoire agency is only a branch of the ProcFin which already exists. We are in the process of regional development but the bank already exists”, explained Timothy Ngumbi, DG ProcFin.

And to add that their institution has proven itself for almost 100 years. Which means that there is something to show that they are trustworthy. Don’t put trust in money, but rather put money in trust. Time bears witness for us, he adds.


André Mayala, Secretary General of the National Association of Microfinance Institutions, indicated that it is very important to have institutions that reach out to the population, study their needs and set up specific financial and non-financial products that meet to their needs.

“ProcFin is a local institution whose vocation is to be able to serve populations who are excluded from the traditional banking system. That is to say, this population who lives in precariousness and who will want to have access to basic financial services such as savings or credit to develop activities and improve their living conditions,” he said. .

For him, as at present, the nations of the world register their programs within the framework of the objectives of sustainable development. Financial inclusion contributes to achieving at least 9 of these goals. And microfinance is a major pillar for financial inclusion. This justifies the importance of this agency.

The expansion of ProcFin to Victoire also aims to meet the need for proximity felt by customers. In the interests of development and entrepreneurship, ProcFin gives the possibility of carrying out all banking operations such as cashing checks, transfers, opening an account, payment and loan request. The agency is open Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and Saturday until 12:00 p.m.

The opening of this agency is also the inauguration of digital products such as mobile money, visa cards and E-banking. ProcFin’s added value resides in the high skills and human qualities of its employees. The entire team working on this new site is enthusiastic about this project and says it is ready to serve customers. In the near future, a second agency will be launched in Kananga.

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