Mbuji-Mayi: implementation of the tree planting micro-project

The micro-project, indicates Caritas Congo, has set itself the objective of contributing to the reduction of community pressure on the natural forest and restoring the forest landscape in the territory of Lupatapata. It therefore involves the establishment of an artificial forest with fast-growing species in Tshintu Muanza and Milele and the encouragement of community pig farming for the benefit of the beneficiaries of these two localities, including those of Tshimeta and Tokomeka. 250 beneficiaries are concerned, 125 of whom are indigenous peoples.

Thanks to this project, of which Caritas Congo is the national executing agency and Action for the Development and Management of Resources (ADGRN) the implementing organization on the ground, several activities have been carried out. These include the training of beneficiaries in agroforestry techniques, the construction and equipment of ten community piggeries, the acquisition of inputs (food for the pigs), the training of beneficiary households in animal husbandry techniques pigs.

The other activities carried out include, among others, the acquisition of one hundred parents, support for beneficiaries in the management of pig breeding, the organization of beneficiaries into associations, support for 250 beneficiary households in the protection of the tree and finally their training in beekeeping.

The realization of this micro-project enabled the ADGRN to improve its interventions in the field of agroforestry, livestock breeding and the establishment of the microfinance system.

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