Mefotie Fondop and Kaltoum Djougoudoum receive their approvals as DGA of CCA-Bank

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A feminine touch will now resound in the administration of CCA Bank. Alexis Megudjou, promoted to Managing Director of this banking institution on April 28, 2020, will therefore have to combine his expertise with that of Mefotie Fondop Epse Tiwoda Alvine Désirée and Kaltoum Djougoudoum Epse Ibrahim Bawa to carry out the missions defined by the bank. They both received their approval on May 5, granted by the Ministry of Finance after assent of the Central African Banking Commission (COBAC).

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Mafotie Fondop wife Tiwoda Alvine Désirée owes this award to her accumulated experience within the CCA-Bank where she totals 18 years of service. It will have greatly contributed to the transformation of the status of microfinance into a universal bank. A conversion operated on May 30, 2018, so 11 years after its creation as a microfinance in Bafoussam in the West region. CCA BANK has become on this occasion the first microfinance in the Central African sub-region to experience this reform. This new position of deputy general manager, precedes at Mafotie Fondop within the company, those of auditor, branch manager, regional manager, central operations manager and retail banking manager. She is a graduate of the Lyon School of Management in France and holds a Masters in Finance.

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Kaltoum Djougoudoum, meanwhile, is a graduate of the Graduate School of Economics and Business in Douala (ESSEC), Masters level. She joined CCA BANK on 1er December 2020 as director of the public and institutional sectors, after having worked for other banks, such as Société Générale Cameroun and United Bank for Africa (UBA). She has 20 years of experience in the banking sector.

CCA BANK in 2022

According to data published by Cobac, community credit in Africa recorded at the beginning of February 2022, outstanding deposits of 378.4 billion FCFA and outstanding credit of 179.3 billion FCFA. That is respectively 6 and 4% market share. In addition, the Crédit Communautaire d’Afrique registers according to the latest information 42 interconnected branches and a fleet of 49 ATMs, associated with the remote banking service. Its customer portfolio is 450,000 accounts.

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