Microfinance: 13th AG of CODEC Ouahigouya, a satisfactory assessment

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As part of the 2nd edition of its week of accountability and mobilization (SRM-CO), the Diocesan Savings and Credit Cooperative of Ouahigouya (CODEC-OHG) organized on the sidelines of this activity the general assembly (AG ) ordinary members. An GA held on June 25, 2022 at the Center Mgr Louis-Durieux in Ouahigouya.

CODEC is a financial institution whose mission is to promote the economic development and self-help of communities by mobilizing the savings of its members in order to improve their economic capacities by offering them adapted financial products and services. and durable. After a year of activities, the members met for the 13th consecutive year at a general meeting to examine the state of execution of the 2021 program and adopt the 2022 action plan.

The participants in the GA carefully followed the results of the activities.

The present annual activity of the CODEC placed under the sponsorship of El Hadj Adama Ouédraogo CEO of the transport company STAF had the merit of bringing together a little more than two hundred (200) members. Under the effective presence of Father Bertrand Sawadogo, Chairman of the Board of Directors (PCA) of the financial institution, Father Jean-Noël Ouédraogo, representing Bishop Justin Kientéga, the members discussed several points on the agenda. meeting agenda.

Samuel Kaboré Director General of CODEC Ouahigouya during his presentation of the balance sheet.

Strengthening the social base and visibility of the cooperative in the diocese

Samuel Kaboré, general manager of the cooperative, through a communication, took stock of the activities of the past year. It appears that insecurity and COVID-19 have impacted activities but despite everything the institution reached 7,013 members with the mobilization of outstanding savings of 1,900,000,000 CFA and granted loans of 1,700 000,000 CFA. Addressing the 2022 activities, Mr. Kaboré outlined the strategic objectives for the members. These objectives revolve around, among other things, improving the capacities and productivity of human capital, strengthening the social base and the visibility of the cooperative in the diocese, improving financial performance, etc. At the end of the presentations, the participants expressed concerns about the good management of the institution and the satisfaction of their needs.

the members made suggestions for the smooth running of the institution.

Members and workers satisfied with the development of the institution

The exchanges allowed the members and the Board of Directors to congratulate all the workers and particularly the team of mobile savings collectors for the results and the hard work. At the end of the general assembly, Father Bertrand Sawadogo thanked the members present and the partners of the institution and indicated that the results obtained are explained by the efforts on the visibility of the institution and the contribution new technical and financial partners.

The GA made a special mention to the team of collectors for the results obtained.

As a reminder, it was within the framework of the promotion of economic development and the self-help of the Catholic community and any other person of good will that it was created in September 2008 within the Diocese of Ouahigouya, this microfinance structure called the Diocesan Savings and Credit Cooperative of Ouahigouya (CODEC-Ouahigouya).

Abbé Bertrand Sawadogo PCA of CODEC Ouahigouya is satisfied with the results of the exercise despite the unfavorable security context.



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