Microfinance: a conference dedicated to the “efficient” experience of Mucodecs

During a meeting, a prelude to the conference on the performance of microfinance, on April 11, the managing director of the Mucodec federation, Dieudonné Ndinga Moukala, welcomed a path that could inspire other companies in the country. The financial institution created by decree in 1984 has just achieved a balance sheet, never reached, in thirty-eight years of existence.

One of the experiences of business management, according to Dieudonné Ndinga Moukala, is the company’s ability to adapt to the environment and various forms of risk, such as the covid-19 pandemic and the economic crisis. ” When the wind of the economic crisis began to blow, at Mucodec level, we took a level of internal measures to make the company a little more resilient. This is what enabled us to deal with the social crisis which shook the Mucodec federation a few years ago (…). The essential message is to tell business leaders that it is possible to turn difficulties into opportunities “, he launched.

The speaker relied on the organizational framework of this microfinance company which holds 92% of the market share at the national level, according to official data. In this establishment, each Mucodec fund is a microfinance operating in the form of a cooperative association. The customers or members are co-owners to whom the voluntary administrators and the employees report each year to the general assembly, a moment during which the elected officials are voted on and the administrative bodies renewed.

The Mucodecs operate without foreign capital or financial support from local banks; all the mutuals are formed into networks around an umbrella body, the federation, which drives the same managerial and commercial strategy.

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