Microfinance: a first social performance report highlights BNP Paribas’ commitment

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Today, almost two billion people are excluded from banking services worldwide. Microfinance allows them to have access to financial services traditional (credit, savings, insurance, money transfer, etc.). It is widely used in emerging countries, and is progressing all over the world, in countries with higher incomes. As the report points out, in 2021, 18 partner MFIs of BNP Paribas made it possible to support 8,101,715 beneficiaries, whose 224,000 by the Group, for an average amount of 6,595 euros. In total, 1,337,826 jobs were created.

Aware of the responsibility it can play in this performance, the BNP Paribas group intends get more involved again: “I am proud that our actions in the area of ​​microfinance have been able to benefit 2.9 million people in addition to 30 years… And I hope we will exceed four million by now 5 years “says Alain Lévy. In this sense, the Group has defined financial inclusion as one of the priorities of its 2025 strategic plan and has integrated a financial inclusion indicator into its CSR dashboard.

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