Microfinance: Unoc is working to revive the Charden Farell group

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The two parties discussed several points during the meeting, in particular the various strategic areas of development that should enable the Charden Farell group to revitalize itself. Faced with stiff competition from mobile phone companies, the Charden Farell group must pool its skills with Unoc in order to instil a new dynamic.

The synergy between Charden Farell and Unoc also intends to promote and formalize its services in order to improve the business climate and contribute to the development of the economy. “We came to think about the financing solutions to bring to the segment of very small businesses and small and medium-sized businesses. Charden Farell and Unoc, it’s a bond. This structure has had difficulties with the advent of digital technology. Through our involvement, we must ensure that it continues to live. This visit by Unoc aimed to discuss these issues in order to consider possible solutions. We, Congolese employers, support the group and show it our confidence “, indicated Emmmanuel Sitou, vice-president of Unoc, in charge of metrology and security of electronic products.

Created in 2003 and whose main activity is the transfer of money, the Charden Farell group is a microfinance present in all localities of the country. Its mission is to contribute to the reduction of unemployment and poverty as well as the financial inclusion of the majority of the population.

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