Minister Victorine Ndeye challenges and calls on the actors to change the paradigm

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Facing the press on November 29, during a discussion panel with players from the world of finance, the Minister of Microfinance and the Social and Solidarity Economy, Victorine Anquediche Ndeye, challenged the players and invited them to the union for a paradigm shift and more organization in foundations to move faster in the funding sector.

“Microfinance exists, but we must review the way of doing it, redo the structuring, the value chain on the financing. We must also strengthen the energies because the interventions are numerous…”, declared Victorine Ndeye, Minister of microfinance.

“Rushing is good, but we have to walk slowly, if we have a good foundation. When we put the trains on the tracks, the rest will be acceleration (…) there are images, there are has personalities who have been on the ground for a long time, and who are making significant efforts, but us today, if we are present, we just have to support them for the good march, if we want the march, we must not stay on the approach. We need a paradigm shift that will make it possible to accelerate, to go very quickly…” she added.
The Minister of Microfinance, Victorine Ndeye, challenged the actors for the smooth running of the sector, hand in hand…


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