Ministry in charge of trade: Hamadou Paré now heads the Department of Communication and Press Relations

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“Together, we will work as a team to communicate well with the objective and sole objective of better serving the people”. This is the mission assigned to the new director of communication and press relations (DCRP) of the ministry in charge of trade, Hamadou Paré. The installation ceremony took place in the premises of the said ministry, this Tuesday, January 24, 2023 in Ouagadougou.

It is with great humility and with the full awareness that there is no profit in reinventing the wheel, that Hamadou Paré displayed his vision and his desire to work on the basis of what has been learned.

“It is true that communication is a science. And as no one knows everything, I would like to reassure you, Mr. Silga, that what you have accomplished will constitute a basis for us. This, in order to pursue the new vision that the Minister wants to promote”, declared the director of communication and press relations of the Ministry of Incoming Trade.

The new director of communication and press relations, of the Ministry of Industrial Development, Trade, Crafts and Small and Medium Enterprises (MDICAPME), Hamadou Paré

Thus, Mr. Paré praised all the efforts made by his predecessor. And did not hesitate to let him know that he would use the experiences acquired by the latter, during his career in the ministry.

“Only what has not started, has no end”, introduced Parfait Silga, outgoing director of communications and press relations, in his speech for his farewell.

“For me, it’s a mission accomplished with a lot of happiness and a lot of joy,” he said. He humbly claimed to have played his part and to have worked to deserve the trust placed in him in March 2021.

The joking family invites itself to the ceremony: “I would just like to reassure Mr. Paré that he can count on the enlightenment of his master”, stated with an amusing tone Parfait Silga, DCRP leaving the MDICAPME

Mr. Silga therefore expressed his gratitude to all the ministers with whom he had good collaboration during the exercise of his function.

Hamadou Paré also expressed his gratitude to the highest authorities, for having granted him their confidence and for this opportunity offered to him to bring his stone to the building.

Before closing his remarks, Mr. Paré strongly expressed the wish that the security challenge be quickly combined with the past in order to envisage a better future for the prosperity of the business world.

Hamadou Paré is officially installed by the director of cabinet of MDICAPME, Ahmed Yago (in the middle)

He also said, hope to count on all the staff of the Department of Communication and Press Relations to meet the challenges. But also, a good collaboration with the media in order to achieve the expected results.

As a reminder, it is after more than ten years of function in the field of microfinance in several positions of responsibility, that the passion for communication led Hamadou Paré to a professional retraining.

In this dynamic, Mr. Paré had to work hard to obtain in 2014, the certificate of senior state technician in business communication. This, after having obtained his certificate of success as a commercial bank adviser from the Ecole Supérieure de la Banque de France, in 2009.

Some staff members of the Communication and Press Relations Department of MDICAPME at the handover ceremony

In view of the importance of digital communication for institutions, the man has given himself the means to acquire the certificate in digital communication at the Higher Institute of Multimedia Communication (ISCOM). Hamadou Paré was a radio host and columnist in the written press. He is also a trainer in financial education for young people and women.

His conviction for communication and his efforts to realize his passion have borne fruit by propelling him to the head of the Press Relations Communication Department of the Ministry in charge of Trade. This, after being appointed by the Council of Ministers on Wednesday January 18, 2023.



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