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Addiction to games of chance in Togo is commensurate with the misery of young people and their difficulty in finding a stable job with consistent remuneration. A “tontine” agent of a microfinance based in Lomé has found no better way than to bet the savings collected from customers on football matches to get out of poverty.

An unexpected check in this month of January 2023 by the internal auditors of the microfinance which employs him, made it possible to discover major irregularities in the daily collection sheets and customer notebooks of the named Kokou Augustin A. This commercial agent, commonly called “tontinier”, is therefore summoned by Management to explain the anomalies and breaches noted by the auditors.

Holding an incoherent discourse on the fate of the missing funds, the hierarchy decided to take Kokou Augustin A. to the police station to be charged with breach of trust and embezzlement. Faced with multiple questions from police officers, the “tontineer” ends up admitting that he regularly uses part of the daily collections from customers to make “football bets” online. In the euphoria of the end-of-year celebrations, Mr. Kokou Augustin A. placed two big bets: one of 200,000 F CFA and the other of 375,000 F CFA. According to his statements, he would have followed “online advisers” who reassured about the outcome of the Italian championship matches on which he bet.

Unfortunately for this agent, the expected results did not materialize. Thus, instead of an expected gain of approximately 1,667,500 CFA francs, or roughly three times the stake, Mr. Kokou Augustin A. was transferred at the end of last week to the civil prison in Lomé where he went. await his trial.

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