Niger and BOAD sign several project financing agreements totaling $150 million

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(Agence Ecofin) – The government of Niger has been engaged for several years in a vast program aimed at developing the country. Several projects and structural reforms are being implemented for this purpose, with the support of technical and financial partners.

The Nigerien government and the West African Development Bank (BOAD) have signed several project financing agreements for a total amount of more than $150.4 million. The information was made public by Niger’s Ministry of Finance on Tuesday, January 31.

These agreements will enable the government to benefit from five loans with a total value of 74.735 billion FCFA ($124 million) for the implementation of projects in various fields of activity. The authorities plan, thanks to these loans, the development and asphalting of the Hamdara-Wacha-Dungass road

Nigerian border over a length of 110 km, financed by BOAD to the tune of 21.735 billion FCFA. 25 billion FCFA will be allocated to the development of urban roads in the City of Niamey and the rehabilitation of the Niamey-Nyala section.

The third loan of 7 billion FCFA will allow the realization of hydro-agricultural developments with smart agricultural practices resilient to climate change and the fourth financial contribution of 10 billion FCFA aims to ” promote the access of populations excluded from the traditional banking system and those who are economically vulnerable, in particular women and young people, to diversified and innovative financial services “. The fifth and last loan of 11 billion FCFA will be used to partially cover the financing of a drinking water supply project in rural areas in the regions of Dosso, Maradi, Tahoua and Tillabéri.

These financing agreements also contain a donation of 15.906 billion FCFA intended to finance the execution of another hydro-agricultural development project with smart agriculture practices resilient to climate change.

In addition to this financing, Niger will also benefit from a refinancing line of 3.863 billion FCFA, within the framework of an agreement signed between BOAD and the Green Climate Fund in favor of the beneficiaries of plots developed by the project via institutions. microfinance.

This initiative comes after the holding, on December 5 and 6, 2022 in Paris, of the Round Table of Investors and Development Partners, on the financing of Niger’s Economic and Social Development Plan (PDES 2022-2026). On this occasion, BOAD announced a contribution of more than 450 billion FCFA, in the form of direct financing, over the period covered by the Plan.

It should be noted that Niamey’s ambition, via this PDES, is the development of human capital, good governance and the structural transformation of the economy. Ultimately, the program aims to build a peaceful and well-governed country, with an emerging and sustainable economy as well as a society based on values ​​of equity and sharing and in a specific way.

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