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Cotonou and Bohicon indeed hosted with pomp from January 27 to 29, 2023, the first edition of the Youth and Music Festival (Fejem). Started by a press conference in Cotonou, this first festival of its kind and which is in its first edition ended with a free concert which brought together thousands of young people. As usual, Canal+ Benin, partner of the event, did not fail to contribute to its success.

The curtains have now fallen on the first edition of Fejem. Organized by the Luc Sètondji Atrokpo Foundation (Lsa) in collaboration with the Magic System Foundation, this festival aims to be innovative and inspiring. At the opening, it all started with a press conference, organized at Fidjrossè beach in Cotonou. It brought together all the parties concerned, like several politico-administrative authorities. After the words of welcome from the Head of Land, Head of the twelfth arrondissement of Cotonou, Mayor Luc Atrokpo, in his address, thanked all the partners including Canal+ Benin. Partners thanks to whom, the event was effective for him. Returning to the objectives of this festival, the President of the Lsa Foundation recalled the theme of this first edition, which is “Entrepreneurship and employability of young people”. Better, he took the opportunity to lift a corner of the veil on the ambitions of Fejem. According to him, the festival will serve as a forum to present government employment programs and policies as well as to train young people. << The main objective of the project is to: promote the development of the talents of the people of Benin in sport, music, dance, etc. create hybrid spaces and collaboration opportunities for national and foreign artists and provide training opportunities and scholarships for young people. The artistic program of the 2023 edition of Fejem is made up of Magic System from Côte d'Ivoire, Débordo Leekunfa from Côte d'Ivoire, Toofan from Togo and the brave and talented artists from Benin such as Zeynab, Fanicko, Vano Baby. , Sessimè, Wédémin Star, Djohou, Limac Jouvet, Ayodélé >>, he mentioned, while emphasizing that the Fejem will be for Benin, what the Femua is for the Ivory Coast. By officially opening this first edition of Fejem, the Minister of Social Affairs and Microfinance suggested that the government, through its action program, has implemented many projects for the development of the youth. And through this initiative, the Lsa Foundation is, to hear it, in the same dynamic as the Beninese government. This is the moment for the ministerial authority to once again thank this Foundation and its partners for all they do for Beninese youth. “This festival that we are launching today also falls within the framework of the same objectives and will reinforce the other actions already carried out by the Lsa Foundation”, she underlines. She did not fail to reiterate all the support and accompaniment of her ministry, for the total success of this event which is now intended to be annual.

Not without Canal+ Benin

As usual, Canal+ Benin does not trade its support for any initiative highlighting young people. As far as Fejem is concerned, the Group has thus responded to the appeal of the Lsa Foundation, by positioning itself as one of the partners. According to Barnes Pemen Vidjannagni, communications manager, Canal+ Benin is happy to support Fejem. “This is justified by the fact that Canal+ supports, through its sponsorship and Corporate Social Responsibility actions, three strong pillars which are education, training, cinema and sport. Once again, we have an initiative that brings together the majority of this pillar and therefore it is important to support this project and be able to be alongside the Luc Sètondji Atrokpo Foundation to promote and bring the values ​​that the foundation is trying to promote to through this festival,” she said.

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