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The members of the Caisse des Mouvements Mutualistes Beninois (CMMB) held their ordinary general meeting this Saturday, June 18, 2022 in Cotonou on behalf of the year 2021. It was for them to examine the various financial reports produced by the governing body of this Decentralized Financial System (Sfd) for the 2021 financial year in order to better project itself into the future. The ceremony to launch the work of the said general assembly was attended by the President of the Board of Directors of the CMMB, Cyriennne Quenum, the Director General of the CMMB, Razack Orou Douarou and Wahab Alley Djobo, representative of the Director General of Microfinance in Benin, to name but a few. In her speech, the President of the Board of Directors (PCA), Cyriennne Quenum, did not hide her satisfaction for the management of this company. She particularly praised the managerial spirit of the Director General and all the staff for their commitment to better serve CMMB customers wherever it is present throughout Benin.

Following the PCA of the CMMB, it was the Representative of the Consortium Alafia, platform of Decentralized Financial Systems (Sfd) who welcomed the holding on good date of the general assembly which, according to him, is a guarantee of the good governance at the head of the institution. He did not fail to invite everyone to improve the financial inclusion of the populations served. For the Director General of the CMMB, Razack Orou Douarou, the CMMB is doing well and intends to reach more targets in the most remote regions of Benin, the objective being to provide financial resources to all those who intend to invest in income-generating activities; a way to contribute to the development of Benin through microfinance. At the end of the general meeting, the CMMB’s financial statements as of December 31, 2021 are as follows: Outstanding loans: 3,201,716,371, outstanding savings: 2,191,769,322 and a total balance sheet figured at 3,946,497,000.

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