Oxfam and the NGO La Lumière are organizing discussion and advocacy days on rural finance.

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Improving the financial and economic autonomy of rural women will necessarily involve creating and making available financial products and services that take into account their specific needs. It is for this purpose that on June 07 and 08, 2022, days of discussion and advocacy on rural finance were held in Tambacounda, organized by Oxfam and the NGO La Lumière as part of the evaluation and capitalization of the Digital Inclusion, Digital Savings and Technological Innovations (INEDIT) project.

The INEDIT project implemented by the consortium in the Kolda and Tambacounda regions since April 2019 aims to promote the sustainable economic and financial empowerment of vulnerable rural populations, in particular women and young people, through digital inclusion. According to the Executive Secretary of the NGO La Lumière, Ibrahima Sory Diallo, it has enabled “to digitize the activity of 620 Savings and Credit Groups by acquiring new knowledge in digital literacy. These community units have also been organized into three (3) departmental cooperatives, a status which now allows them to subscribe to more substantial credits favorable to the development of their economic activities. Today, the 13,801 people who are members of these groups are formalized and eligible to benefit from State funding and loan offers from financial and microfinance institutions. »

The INEDIT project falls within the framework of one of the two programmatic pillars of Oxfam in Senegal, namely social justice, economic justice being the second. The Social Justice program carried by the organization is essentially based on the vision of equal rights which is accompanied by the possibility for all to benefit from domestic and natural resources in an equitable or more egalitarian way for a well-being. individual and collective. In addition to the satisfactory results mentioned above, the project made it possible to reveal a mismatch between the needs of rural women and the supply of available financial products. For Mrs. Ndèye Khar Ndiaye, Director of Oxfam in Senegal, “this shared learning activity must be seized as an opportunity to co-construct with the communities an advocacy with banks and financial institutions that act at the local level. She recalls that the generation of new knowledge, the establishment and animation of committed communities of practice are essential levers on which Oxfam in Senegal will rely to stimulate systemic changes which are the true guarantees of justice. effective economic and social.

Rural women working with Oxfam in Kolda and Tambacounda, also testify through the voice of Mrs. Yacine Diop, President of the Makacolibantang GIE: “Through the INEDIT project, we now have the will and the organizational and entrepreneurial capacities to capture the funding from the State and the banks to develop our activities, increase our resources and meet our needs,” she said.


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